Q&A with new Asymbol artist iuna tinta


There’s a lot of art out there, a capitol-L-O-T. Weed out the goods from the heap, and there is still an incredible amount of solid work. Finding artists for Asymbol is both the easiest thing in the world and the hardest. The art and photography world that exists within the action sports community is relatively […]

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Jimmy Chin Profiles Asymbol


Chomolungma – The North Face of Everest   One of the best thing about living in Jackson is the amazingly talented and interesting people that pass through this small town way up in Wyoming. High on that list for me is my long time friend, collaborator and Asymbol artist Jimmy Chin. Jimmy is one of […]

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The Art of Wyoming – the Story of #RoamwithRice

Trav Wyoming_20141228_0110_600

TR in full method mode – ever timeless and classic – like Wyoming itself. Photo: Wade Dunstan   Tim Tomkinson is a renewed illustrator hailing for Wyoming that has been published in periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, GQ, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health among many others (full client list). He was recently […]

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Snowboarding Competitions That Matter


Photo: Lib Tech / Tim Zimmerman   Snowboarding competition has come a long way since Jake Burton & Andy Coghlan raced slalom on wooden Backhills or Tom Sims & Terry Kidwell hand dug ditches in the Tahoe Backcountry to determine who had the most style. We tried to push the envelope ourselves with Supernatual & […]

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2014 Instagram Year in Review

trice_year in review

  You can squeeze a lot into 12 months. You can travel the world. You can conquer your fears and achieve your dreams. Oddly enough, despite all the potential, there never seems to be quite enough time. Looking back on 2014, it’s clear to me, however, that life just keeps getting better. The road rises […]

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Line of the Year: The Crack – Q&A with Cody Townsend

The Crack

  Scott Serfas. Red Bull Media House. This summer a friend sent me the MSP Days of my Youth teaser with a ‘WTF!?’ attached to the email. When I clicked on the link, I found myself looking with astonishment at footage of pro skier Cody Townsend riding one of the heaviest lines I’ve ever ridden that […]

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#TBT – Todcast Comes a Knockin’


Few people I know keep the dream alive better than Todd Richards. Rider, commentator, curator and character, Todd embodies the balance between having your fun while keeping your career on track. This week’s Throwback Thursday takes a gander at Todd’s prolific run as a V-logger via his Quiksilver-endorsed “Todcast” circa 2010. In this episode, Todd […]

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Mr. Plant Grows Roots at Asymbol


Trice and Pat Moore, making plans for world domination at Asymbol. [email protected]   Pat Moore doesn’t need much introduction, though his ever-growing red beard might. What’s certainly known is Pat’s hard-charging style on-snow, a style that is the center point of his latest film endeavor, Mr. Plant. Directed by Jake Price, Mr. Plant combines punk […]

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