Getting Wild in Jackson, WY – Down and Dirty with the New Toyota


I’m proud to announce my new partnership with Team Toyota. They make an incredible product that I use in my everyday life, and the kicker is that it is built here in the U.S. It will be invaluable to have their support in the years to come with several projects we have on the horizon. Here’s the video that has been making the rounds on the internets.

Toyota’s Ed Laukes, the vice president of marketing communications and motorsports for Toyota had this to say, “Travis’ background and experience brings a new perspective to Team Toyota. He’s such a dynamic and versatile athlete—not to mention a long-time Toyota owner—making him a great addition to our team.”

Thanks Ed. Glad to be onboard. We should go off-roading sometime.

The Toyota team came to my hometown to film the 4Runner commercial. Jackson Hole was a perfect setting to capture the sense of lifestyle I wanted to convey – and to showcase the trucks features. We worked with Chris Malloy and his production company Farm League. They are known for legendary surf films and most recently Patagonia’s ‘180 Degrees South’. They all rolled out to Jackson Hole along with the infamous pro, off-road Hellman Andy Bell. We had great summer weather and the local creatures were out in force.

Toyota Travis Rice

If I tried everyday, from when the snow melted in the spring to when it fell again in the fall to hike the trails, bike the trails, fish the rivers… there’s not a chance you could do it all. But at least you can start chipping away at it. I took the camera crew to a couple key spots to experience my home. I really just tried to show them all Jackson has to offer in terms of wilderness and adventure as the theme of the campaign is “Keep It Wild.” Jackson certainly does that.

We also worked with The Teton Raptor Center which I have been a fan of for quite awhile. Jason Jones, program director, came out and we were able to fly one of their beautiful falcons. Their mission at the center is to “Help birds of prey through education, conservation and rehabilitation.” The find out more about the center and their birds click HERE.

In the past couple of years we put a lot of abuse on vehicles, driving the Trans-Canada highway up to Alaska. Our trailer, when we’re pulling four sleds with gear, comes in at 9,000 pounds. It’s a pretty brutal road and I think we’ve driven it three times now with that trailer and the same truck. It was a really easy fit when we started talking about a deal with Toyota. Myself and Brain Farm, we’re already Toyota users ’cause we feel it’s a superior vehicle. It’s just a great natural partnership.

Toyota is basically supporting us to keep it wild. I can back that.