Mr. Plant Grows Roots at Asymbol

Trice and Pat Moore, making plans for world domination at Asymbol.  @TravisRice


Pat Moore doesn’t need much introduction, though his ever-growing red beard might. What’s certainly known is Pat’s hard-charging style on-snow, a style that is the center point of his latest film endeavor, Mr. Plant. Directed by Jake Price, Mr. Plant combines punk rock aesthetic, legends of the sport and progressive riding by friends and newcomers to offer audiences a raw and rewarding look at modern snowboarding.

We caught up with New Hampshire’s finest on his tour through Jackson Hole at the Asymbol gallery, where he’s soon to be guest curator. With a lumberjack laugh and a face worthy of Paul Bunyan, our favorite side-slipping ginger gave us plenty to love about Mr. Plant.


Where did the name Mr. Plant come from?
Actually from a note left by Travis and Evan at my house. They got me a house-warming gift, a big plant, and they wrote a note on my fridge that said, “Water Mr. Plant every week or he’ll die.” So when my friends came over it ended up becoming my nickname.

How many variations of hand plants can you do?
Not too many really; I love me a frontside though!

Who has the best hand plant in the game?
Probably Shane Flood, or Scott Blum; there’s a lot of dudes who got the plants dialed. Actually Desiree Melancon has a lot of sick ones; she’s bad ass.


Mr. Plant is directed by Jake Price. 


The theme of Mr. Plant is staying true to your roots. What does that mean to you?
I think it’s just a plant that’s grown from The Garden. I think the best part of the title is that it’s meant to mean anything that you’d like it to, but to me it represents our crew, the roots, the new kids and the current guys all ripping.

The soundtrack of Mr. Plant had a 90s, punk rock, throwback feel. Was this intentional?
Ya of course, it’s the music that Jake Price and I like. We wanted a video that got you stoked before you go to the mountain, just like the old videos that we grew up on.

What was the best trip you took filming the movie?
I’d say the trip to Baldface was not only the best trip of the season but also one of the best of my life. Being at Baldface is so special as is, but then including the crew we had: Jamie, Guch, Haakon, Wolle, Seth Huot, Curtis, Jake and Vernon; it just made it so amazing. Really getting to know those guys was such an honor.

What was it like working with director Jake Price? How did his vision help define the film?
Well, at the beginning of the year I told Jake this video is only half mine, the snowboarding was my role and Jake’s was to put it together, so you can say he completely defined the film; it’s his film. We have very similar taste in styles and music, so it worked out seamlessly.

Can you compare filming Mr. Plant as a Volcom guy vs. your days at Forum filming Vacation?
Well with Forum there was a lot less of the behind-the-scenes work. For Mr. Plant, all the travels and decisions were up to me, so there was that added stress. Yet at the end of the day, I could easily compare the two because with both the Forum and Volcom crews we are all good friends having a good time, and that’s all it really comes down to.



Mr. Plant – bringing a light touch to a dark alley in Minneapolis. Photo: Vernon Deck 


It was cool to see veterans Jamie Lynn, Terje and Bryan Iguchi in the mix. How was it working with those guys?
They are my heroes so it was amazing, and it was so important to have them in Mr. Plant because they played such an important role in The Garden. It was just an honor to have their names associated with our film; the only hard part was getting Terje out of bed.

Are you more inspired by the legends or the up-and-comers?
Both. The legends paved the way and the new kids are taking snowboarding to the next level. I really love that we have both eras in the film, guys like Jamie Lynn and guys like Mike Rav; two extreme opposites but both essential to the progression of snowboarding.



Quebec is just up the road from New Hampshire. Mr. Plant feeling right at home. Photo: Vernon Deck


For those who haven’t seen the full-length, what can we expect as an overall takeaway?
For me the video just gets me hyped to go snowboarding, and that’s the whole point; hopefully people get that same reaction!

Are you planning on touring to showcase the film?
Ya, we are currently on a full world tour, already got done with Europe and now hitting all the North American spots, and having a great time in Jackson! Next is Asia! The whole tour schedule is at

Speaking of Jackson, Asymbol Gallery is releasing a special edition of photo selects from Mr. Plant, what’s the story with this?

We collected a bunch of images from the photographers we worked with to give more of a story to go along with the film. They will be available to buy, so if you’re a fan of Mr. Plant than you can get one of these amazing photos to remember the film!

Is there an image from the photo edition that really captures the film?

My favorite one is the photo of Bryan Iguchi and myself slashing powder in Jackson Hole together. He’s one of my heroes and having him in the film was such an honor, the photo also represents the season because we always found time to enjoy simply snowboarding between hitting jumps and filming hard. There’s nothing like ripping pow with your friends!

What do you think of the new Asymbol gallery in Jackson?

It’s so awesome! The corner right there in town is going to be the new hang out spot; you got the pizza shop, whiskey barber, Treehouse snowboard shop and Asymbol right there. The gallery is just a rad place that seems to be changing all the time since the printers and everything are just downstairs. It was so rad to come into town for the Mr. Plant premiere and they had all the photos already framed and up on the wall!

As Asymbol’s next guest curator, are there artists in their collection you’d like to work with someday?

Ya of course, a lot of friend’s artwork is in the Asymbol collection: Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, Danny Zapalac and Tim Zimmerman. Photography and art are so connected to snowboarding, it’s rad to have a place that connects those people and recognizes them.

What’s next on the list for Pat Moore?
We are planning another Blueprint series through Red Bull and also spending some time with Brain Farm and Mr. Rice for his new film; excited to spend more time in Jackson!