It’s All About the Art – My Two Cents on the New Lib Tech Line

Seventeen years ago, I went in 50-50 with a friend on purchasing a Jamie Lynn board with the corn husk graphic. The rest is history.

I have been lucky enough to be on the Lib Tech team for eight years now. And to tell you the truth we’re just getting started.

What I’m most stoked about in the board line this year is the partnership I was able to form with San Francisco based artist Andrew Schoultz. I’m blown away by Andrew’s work.

Andrew and I talked a lot about the pirate ship inspired piece prior to starting it. He comes from a skate/street art background. The size and scale of a lot of his mural work is incredible. I was already a big fan of his work, so collaborating was a fun process. The guy has seriously been blowing up on a global scale the last few years. If you like his work, know that locking in a piece of this now will probably be an amazing investment in the future!

If you want to know the truth… Andrew’s art combines meticulous rendering with imagery both fantastical and familial. Themes of chaos and destruction forewarn current political and environmental climate, taking form in large-scale installations, paintings, murals, sculptures and works on paper [or so says his website].




wall mural

wall mural

The graphics themselves are a bit of a foreshadow into our next film project. They play on exploration and the incredible world we live in if one can muster the ability to consistently see things anew. No man is an island and it takes a team to get a boat across an ocean.

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 3.30.05 PM

Andrew’s art can currently be seen in the Monterey Museum of Art in Monterey, CA, the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York and the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Springs, CA.

Moving on to the specifics of my line. There are 5 models in my new line. The newest edition is the SpeedoDeepS, which replaces the Banana Hammock as the pow-specific board in the line.

The SpeedoDeepS’ narrower nose shape easily transitions from turn to turn in pow. The Hammock was a great pow board, but was scary as hell to ride in any hard or groomed terrain. The Speedo, on the other hand, handles any resort conditions you can throw at it.


In addition to the SpeedoDeepS, there’s the Travis Rice Pro, The Travis Rice Pro Horespower, The Travis Rice Splits an the T Ripper. The Travis Rice Pro is my board of choice for everything from Jackson to Alaska to filming to competitions like UltraNatural. It has Lib Tech’s Banana Camber/Banana Blend and Magna Traction, with seven points of focused edge control. It comes in two shapes — a pow specific pointy and a park and jib focused blunt.

The Travis Rice Pro Horsepower is built out of the same mold as the Pro, so it retains the same shapes but has a lighter, poppier core and uses a basalt resin system rather than traditional fiberglass, making the board both stronger and more environmentally friendly. the Travis Rice Splits is my split board, and it has been around for six years with annual improvements. This year we added the basalt resin to ensure torsional rigidity for added split performance and lightweight durability. Kids are riding so good these days we wanted to create the best board possible for the next generation, so we came up with the T.Ripper – I wish I had one of these when I was younger!




I know I couldn’t have built my career alone, and the crew at Lib Tech and I have been on the same page through the years. They love to snowboard as much as I do. They have have one of the richest histories in snowboarding and one of the best teams. The boards are handmade with pride by shredders who rip, not to mention the boards have, hands down, the best technology and construction.

Ride one and see if you aren’t hooked! Do it.